Beautifully creative & uniquely handcrafted design for RhubarbChairs

Rhubarb Chairs

Website homepage design on desktop

I was commissioned to create a new website for Rhubarbchairs in East Sussex via recommendation. Rhubarbchairs design and create beautifully upcycled furniture.

The bespoke website design features spectacular photography, showcasing their high-end, high-quality products.

The design is kept simple allowing the beauty of the products to take prominence, using a non-intrusive navigation system.




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Website homepage design on desktop

The website homepage features a product centric slideshow.

Responsive website design shown on mobile

The responsive design shown on mobile.

Website product gallery design

The bespoke products showcased in a detailed gallery.

Rhubarbchairs responsive website shown on tablet

The responsive website design displayed on tablet.

Rhubarbchairs website design

Featuring high-quality product images throughout.