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Don Came

Don Came website design on Desktop

I produced this website design East Sussex Karate training services, along with karate training the website showcases the other fitness services offered, such as Kettlebell training and Pilates.

The website features a platform where the client can showcase karate training videos, with a featured video showcased on the homepage, videos are hosted on YouTube and are simply embedded on the client’s website by copying the share link.

The website homepage includes the latest news feed helping to promote upcoming events and important news, client testimonials, with a full-page showing all the client testimonials.

Using a bespoke WordPress design also allows the client to easily promote karate and fitness classes, plus upcoming events and seminars, with the ability to sell event tickets via PayPal.

So, if you are looking for website design in East Sussex call 01323 419212 or drop me a line for a free estimate.


Don Came


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Don Came website design on Desktop

A services focussed homepage design.

Mobile friendly web design on tablet

The Mobile friendly design pictured on tablet screens.

Don Came training website design

Each section contains more detailed sub pages on training services.

Don Came website design on mobile

The responsive design transformed on a mobile screen.

Video gallery website layout

The site contains a video gallery of helpful training videos.