The Parklane Group

Logo modernisation reinvigorates branding for the king of the property jungle

Client: The Park Lane Group

Project: Logo Refresh / Modernisation

Skills: Logo Design, Corporate Branding, Logo Update, Brand Modernisation

Logo Refreshment Modernisation

I was recently asked by one of my clients, The Park Lane Group, to explore a logo refresh/modernisation of their current identity design.

They wanted to retain the existing elements of the logo, yet give the brand an update to create a more modern feel.

I, therefore, redrew the original lion emblem, simplifying the appearance. Removing the woodcut feel, to create a clean outline, and, taking out the double outline of the shield.

At the same time omitting the gold gradient or the original logo, creating a clean and simple single colour company brand, that can work across a range of projects.

A Contemporary & Traditional Logo Refresh

Finally, revitalising the outdated typeface of the original, sticking with a serif font to retain a feel of tradition, creating the elusive Contemporary & Traditional feel to the refreshed logo design.

If you would like to refresh your current company logo, please give me a call on 01323 419212 or drop me an email.