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Responsive web design – what is it?

Responsive web design is the practice of designing a single website that provides an optimal viewing experience across a range of devices from a SmartPhone […]

Bespoke WordPress web design & development

WordPress web design in Sussex

I design and develop nearly all the websites projects I take on in Wordpress, a powerful and extendable Content Managed System, that, allows my clients to publish web content on demand.

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5 elements your website needs in design & development

Five elements your website needs and why. Bearing in mind, that these five aren’t the only elements you need. Now, you can’t just slap these components […]

Getting more local business from your website – help for Eastbourne businesses

Are you a business in Eastbourne looking to improve your margins in this slow economy? If you’re looking for business web design in Eastbourne, I can help you with your website requirements.

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Tips For Writing Search Engine Friendly Articles

Now that you have your new website designed built you will probably be wondering how to get your website to rank high in Google and other search engines.

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Content Writing Tips For Your Business Blog

If you have been running a blog for some time you know that it needs to be updated on a regular basis. The hardest aspect of blogging is finding interesting subjects to write about.

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The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

Running a blog is one of many effective method of promoting your business online, it allows you to keep your customers informed about your products or services.

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Why You Should Have a Blog For Your Business?

You can use your blog to keep your customers up to date about your products/services. For example, you can have a category on your blog called “Our Weekly Special Offers” and update it weekly.