Why you should keep your WordPress website up-to-date

Is your website developed in WordPress? and have you logged in to see the warning above,  chances are you have, and like most users, you may be unsure what to do.

Firstly you DO NOT ignore this, as WordPress should be updated on a regular basis (along with any plugins used), updating your WordPress website may seem a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure it’s security & functionality.

Why update WordPress?

  1. Security Issues – Updates contain new security features and close loopholes in the coding, preventing hackers from breaking your website by inserting malicious code. which can harm your website by affecting your search engine position (even being removed entirely) plus, your database and content may be corrupted leaving you with a lot of time, effort & maybe costs to replace this.
  2. System Improvements – WordPress updates make the system easier to use and add new features, regular updates will allow you to take advantage of these immediately and save you having to learn all the new features at once.
  3. Bug fixes – WordPress updates fix functionality issues on your site, so if something has stopped working an update may easily fix the issue.

Here is a visual guide on why you should update your WordPress site.

Not forgetting the Plug-ins!

Updating any functionality plugins used is just as important, old plugins can break your site – not being compatible with the latest WordPress, and, out of date plugins can cause security issues leaving your site vulnerable to attack.

Occasionally plugin updates can break your site, and require more expertise to rectify the problem & ensure their compatibility.

Why is Old WordPress vulnerable to attacks

When a new update is released a bug fix report is included, hackers can use this information to exploit the vulnerabilities of older versions &  can target outdated websites.  The easiest way to avoid possible attacks is to keep your website up-to-date.

What do I do now?

Firstly don’t panic, I offer a range of plans to help with WordPress security maintenance & updates, that include regular updates & offline back-ups, so if your website is attacked it can be restored to the last back with the minimum of downtime. Take a look a the plans here, and drop me an email if you have a question.