Website Hosting, Maintenance & Content Updating Plans

Website hosting and maintenance in Sussex
I can provide monthly maintenance and updating plans to help you get the most from your website.

When I design a new website I naturally get asked for website hosting, as the majority of my clients don’t want the hassle of sorting it themselves, as such I offer a range of managed website hosting plans.

I also provide maintenance and updating plans to help your business get more from its site…

Website Security Maintenance

I mostly design websites in WordPress (a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.)

All websites & CMS systems are potentially hackable, even WordPress, to help prevent this you should keep your website up-to-date.

I offer a monthly website maintenance plans, that will keep your WordPress site & plugins used up-to-date, Also taking an offline back-up of your files & Database. So should your website fall victim to a malicious attack, I can restore it without delay. Saving you time & money.

Website Content Updating Plan

Having a website developed doesn’t just stop when you launch it, you should be making the site work better for your business, this can be done by regularly updating your content, i.e. Blog/News etc. Also by monitoring the statistics, you can make improvements on SERPs (search engine ranking position), functionality & design.

I offer a range of website content updating plans to help you achieve more with your site.

Save on Monthly costs

Why not take a look through the web care plans available, & see how your business can save money on a bundle offer.

If you are interested in saving money & protecting your website please drop me a line.