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WordPress web design in Sussex

I design and develop nearly all the websites projects I take on in Wordpress, a powerful and extendable Content Managed System, that, allows my clients to publish web content on demand.

WordPress web design Sussex, nearly all the websites I design are developed in WordPress. WordPress is a powerful & customisable Content Management System (CMS) used by nearly 60 million websites.

Designing websites using WordPress if flexible enough to use for website of any size. Simple 5-10 page brochure style sites, to more complex catalogue & listings websites, (take a look at my web design portfolio). Using WordPress as the base platform allows for future development and expandability. If your website is developed in WordPress you are not tied to the original web designer, as you would be with a custom web development, any reputable web designer should be able to work with the WordPress framework.

Custom WordPress web design

I will design & develop a completely custom themes for your business. I don’t use purchased WordPress themes. This gives me full control over the functionality of the site, however, I can install & set up purchased themes for businesses/organisations that have a limited budget.

I chose WordPress as it mostly fulfils the needs of every web design project. Being a well supported platform it will always benefit from future updates. A WordPress web design gives my clients the power to edit & publish great web content on demand, and, most importantly is very easy to use if you are not overly computer literate.

Search engine friendly site design

One of the main advantages of having a website that you can control, is that Google loves regularly updated content. It sees these dynamic websites as a fresh source of relevant information and potentially of interest to it’s users, and a position of authority in their particular sector.

If Google thinks your website is important, that’s good news for your search engine rankings, and obviously good news for your business. If your website is coded cleanly making it search engine friendly WordPress will satisfy search engines on a technical level.

If you are looking for a content managed system for your business, then I suggest a WordPress web design for your business. Drop me a line & see how I can help your business benefit from a well designed, easy to use website.