Tips For Writing Search Engine Friendly Articles

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Now that you have your new website designed built you will probably be wondering how to get your website to rank high in Google and other search engines.

There are many options available out there to achieve this some can be expensive other not so, one of the ways you can help boost your own website ranking is to write a blog, with articles that relate to your businesses products for services, if you don’t have a blog I can design a website or blog for you.

Writing blog posts

Writing the posts for your blog is simpler than you think, even if you don’t consider yourself a copywriter. There are a few guides you need to know if you want your posts to give your website a search engine boost:

Article Title – your title should convey the subject of the article and include a keyword or two. It may help to compose the title as a question, something like ‘Why you should have a blog for your business?’

Introduction – the introductory paragraph lets the reader know exactly what the post will be about, and again should contain those all-important keywords.

Content – provide your blog visitors with some quality tips, strategies and details about your chosen subject. The intent of blog posts writing is to give your visitors something of value, at the same time exposing your business to potential new clients.

Spelling and grammar – making sure that you proofread your posts. Very important, as typographical errors can hurt your credibility online and make your business look less professional.

Keywords – When you write your posts, make sure to use words and phrases that are relevant to your businesses products or services. These keywords are generally what you would wish your posts to be found for. Making sure you have a good keyword density is essential, but, try not to use too many key phrases as this could be classed as keyword stuffing, not a benefit to Google.

Once you have posted your article, you should be looking to expose that post to as many potential readers as possible, you should announce this via your social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc. You can also then search for publications and blogs of similarity to your products or services, and see if they would like to include your post, many will be happy to do so.

As you write more articles, the more links you will be creating to your main website content, the more people who visit the blog post may share it via other social media, again creating more links to your site, the higher your search rankings will be.