Number One on Google Search Guaranteed

Sounds Too Good To Be True

The emails arrive by the hundreds. The promises of guaranteed number one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search or your money back.

If we were to believe these con artists, everyone would be number one for their keywords in the search engine results pages.

Let’s face it, the numbers don’t lie. Not everyone can be number one on Google.

Many of these shysters and search engine con artists will promise you the world to get your business. Many will even promise to submit your website weekly to the search engines. This is a bunch of search engine bull.

First off, submission to the search engines can be done free of charge by anyone. Google, Yahoo, and MSN all have free website submissions. Google and MSN have a very easy method to add a website to be crawled. However, Yahoo does require registration of a free Yahoo Id for free website submission. Most times a website that has been around for a number of months or years has already been acquired by the search engine spiders through links to the website itself, and it is not even necessary to submit the website for inclusion for any of the spiders to crawl the site.

Most of the SEO – Search Engine Optimisation firms that promise you number one in Google Search are optimising a website for seldom searched for keywords or combinations of keyword phrases that are not very competitive for a particular category. So even if a page of a website shows up for that phrase in the search engine results, it brings in very little in the way of substantive visitors, new customers, or conversions.

Then there are the shysters that will place a website at the top of the search engines but only on computers that have adware or spyware installed to Data Merge the keyword results pages with their own paid for listings. Many times professionals such as Realtors or Insurance Agents and even Small Businesses and other organisations are promised number one on these merged results with absolutely no conversions for thousands of dollars spent annually on these types of keyword advertising scams.

Online advertising does have its good points as well as just like anything else, things to beware of. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Just like radio, television, and newspaper ads cannot all be verified for their validity, the online advertiser servers have no way to check out each and every ad that comes into the automated system. As a consumer, it is wise to stay informed and always take the approach for the buyer to beware. Check out what others are saying online about certain groups. If you encounter a group that is promising number one on Google Search, this should set off a red flag. Do some homework searches of the company online, or do searches such as “search engine data merging” or other keywords related to the advertised items. Use quotes in your keywords to fine tune your research of particular companies.

Establishing a website at the number one position can be attained, but in actuality, it can never be promised.

Take for example the natural way search engines rank a website. Many factors are involved in establishing the placement of a website in the search engine results pages. Sites that have been around for years have built a significant amount of links to their website from others on the Internet, and it takes a lot of marketing effort and time to establish new sites at the top of the search results.