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How to set up a twitter account

Twitter is a simple online service (or mini blog) that enables you to broadcast out short messages and thoughts to your friends or followers. A simple yet effective marketing tool find out how to sign up.

Twitter is a social networking/blogging site that allows you to communicate with people via short messages or “tweets”.

By joining Twitter you can communicate instantly with friends, share experiences and stay connected to your favourite celebrities, brands, publications, organisations, events and much more. You can use Twitter on your PC and your mobile phone.

Signing up is easy, visit and put your details in, that’s it.

Write a short clear synopsis of your business for you profile, and have you website address ready.

Who to follow

There are no hard and fast rules on who to follow, simply follow who you think will be of interest. People in the same line of work as you, people you feel may be interested in your services and people you know. Use the search panel at the very top to find people.

Who will follow you

Don’t worry about that, most people you follow will follow you back, and your tweets will encourage people to follow you.

What should you tweet?

In short anything you like, but, if you are a business keep it professional, tweet something that will be useful or of interest to your followers, if it is about your business, put a link to a fuller story on your blog/website driving traffic to your website is the name of the game.

i.e. “New website designed for our client JDC Architects” would be better as: “New #websitedesign for @JDCArchitects in #Eastbourne view the site

How often should you tweet?

When you feel like it, remembering that interest and relevance is the key.

My URLs are to long for Twitter! What can I do?

When you have long URLs in a blog for instance, you can shorten these by using a URL shortening website such as always remember to check they work before you post!

Can I customise my Twitter page

Yes, you can change the theme colours and add a background image to create a consistent company branding.

I already have a website, do i need Twitter?

Twitter is very effective way to promote your services by generating more traffic to your website, you should be tweeting about offers, new products or services, gain feedback and much more. Twitter is free marketing all it requires is a little bit of time and effort.