Search engine friendly websites & how to design them

Search engine friendly websites – if you are looking to have a new website designed for your business, you will undoubtedly want that website to be Search Engine Friendly.

So when designing a website you must focus on how you arrange your web content. The words, images and multimedia files, Here are six basic rules of web design to help make your website search engine friendly:

1. Websites should be easy to read

Everything on your site should be clear & easy to read & easy to understand. If not, people will not make the effort.

2. Sites should be easy to navigate

People will often not arrive via your home page (that is if your content is any good). So when they arrive it must be easy for them to find what they are looking for.

3. Content should be easy to find

Your website should be easy to find in search engines, directories or on industry-related sites. People want to go directly to the information they searched for. If they do not land on the right page, they will NOT be inclined to search for it.

4. Websites must have a consistent layout design

This applies to the design of the website and the content. Users need to feel comfortable and confident when using your website.

5. Pages should be quick to load

Your website should be cleanly coded to help with loading speed, and should not contain elements that have a detrimental effect on this.
Firstly because users don’t like to wait, but more importantly neither does Google.

6. All pages should have your contact details

Your website should display prominently your contact information, above the fold, (this is the area first seen without scrolling).

All the above points will certainly help in making a search engine friendly website for your business.


Search engine friendly website design

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