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Website Design Hailsham & Graphic Design Services in East Sussex

Website design Hailsham & graphic design services in Hailsham, East Sussex. I provide creative bespoke website & graphic design services to businesses in Hailsham East Sussex, and across the South East of England.

Professionally presenting your business online & offline, building trust and confidence with your potential customers.

Website Design Hailsham, East Sussex

Designing custom websites reflecting your corporate brand, building online confidence in your business, engaging with existing and potential new customers. I can also design a brand new corporate identity for start-up businesses in Hailsham and across Sussex.

WordPress Website Development

I develop websites using WordPress (60 million users worldwide), this allows you to have control over your website content. With WordPress, you can easily edit and simply create new content for your website, and publish and begin promoting your new content online within minutes.

Website Design Hailsham Gallery Examples

Website Maintenance

I offer optional website maintenance packages, for a small monthly fee, I will keep your WordPress website and any plugins up-to-date, taking regular back-ups ensures should any problems occur, your website can quickly be restored.

Also offer monthly content updating packages, ideal for businesses that would benefit from regular content updating, but perhaps don’t have the time, or don’t feel confident to update the content themselves.

Website Hosting

If you are looking for new website design Hailsham, but you’re not sure where to begin, with website domain names and website hosting. I can register a website domain name for your business, registered in your name, then provide highly reliable UK based website hosting. all for a small monthly fee.

Graphic Design Hailsham, East Sussex

As well as bespoke website design Hailsham, I offer professional graphic design services, complementing your online presence. Successfully creating a strong, consistent brand identity.

I am an experienced graphic designer with over 20 years experience in the commercial design industry, primarily in the marketing sector. Therefore I provide a professional & reliable graphic design service to a professional agency standard, yet at a more competitive rate.

Why not take a browse through my website and graphic design portfolio, to see how I have helped other businesses based in Hailsham throughout Sussex:

Graphics Design Hailsham Gallery Examples

Email Marketing Hailsham

Are you looking cost effective email marketing to help promote your Hailsham business, your products or services? I can provide a simple to use email marketing system. Giving you the power to create, send and monitor the results of your marketing email campaigns. I design email templates that complement your corporate brand identity, setting these up within the system, leaving you to confidently send professionally designed email newsletters, cost effectively as and when you want!

Website and Graphic Design Services for Hailsham Businesses

If you are running a business, or starting a business in Hailsham, East Sussex, or looking to improve your current business’ branding, present your company literature in a more professional and engaging manner, or looking for website design services in Hailsham, give me a call on 01323 419212 or drop me an enquiry online.